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Choose network : LG Optimus L9 (P760)

You can set your phone to find a network automatically or you can choose a network manually. Follow these instructions to choose a network.

1. Find "Network operators"

Press Apps.
Press Settings.
Press More....
Press Mobile networks.
Press Network operators.

2. Choose option

Choose one of the following options:
Select network manually, go to 2a.
Select network automatically, go to 2b.

3. 2a - Select network manually

Press Search networks.
Your phone searches for networks within range.
A list of available networks will show on your display.
Press the required network.
Your display will tell you if you've access to the network you've chosen.
If you're out of range of the selected network, your phone won't work.

4. 2b - Select network automatically

Press Select automatically.
Wait while your phone finds the network.

5. Exit

Press the Home key to return to standby mode.
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)
LG Optimus L9 (P760)