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List of screen icons : Sony Xperia E5

A number of icons displayed show different settings.

1. Battery

The battery icon shows the remaining battery power. The larger the coloured section of the icon, the more remaining battery power.

2. Battery charging

The battery charging icon shows that the battery is charging.

3. Signal strength

The signal strength icon shows the strength of the network signal at your location. The more lines, the stronger the signal.

4. Flight mode

The flight mode icon shows that flight mode is turned on.

5. Call divert

The divert icon shows that all incoming calls are diverted.

6. Missed calls

The missed calls icon shows that you have one or more missed calls.

7. Text/picture message

The text/picture message icon shows that you've received a new text or picture message.

8. Email message

The email message icon shows that you've received a new email message.

9. Silent mode

The silent mode icon shows that silent mode is turned on and all phone sounds are turned off.

10. Alarm

The alarm icon shows that the alarm is set.

11. Bluetooth

The Bluetooth icon shows that Bluetooth is turned on.

12. Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi icon shows that your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.